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The Colonial Texts Series

The Colonial Texts Series

The University of New South Wales Press published the first five titles of the Colonial Texts Series, and ASEC published the final three. The series was initiated by the English Department at University College ADFA in 1986 and was completed in 2004 with the appearance of the eighth title.

The series aimed to provide reliable reading texts of little-known nineteenth-century Australian literary works. Introductions outline relevant biographical, book-historical and critical contexts, which the explanatory notes further detail. The titles by Catherine Martin, Ernest Favenc and Tasma are full-scale critical editions, recording variant readings in other lifetime printings – as is the edition of Ada Cambridge’s A Black Sheep, the serial version of A Marked Man.

The Colonial Texts Series was initially guided by a General Editorial Committee consisting of Harry Heseltine, Paul Eggert and Joy Hooton. From the fourth title until the last the membership was Paul Eggert (acting in a general editor’s role), Harry Heseltine and Bruce Bennett. Peter Shillingsburg (textual consultant) and Joy Hooton played advisory roles.

Published Titles

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Each volume costs A$30.